About Us

The first time Papa saw our little farm he named it "Rancho Cielito" and we agree, it truly is a little piece of heaven!

Welcome to Utterly Blessed Farm. We truly live a life that has been blessed by the Lord. Our farm is located in Lower Lake, California (about an hour north of Napa). We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society, Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association, Redwood Empire Dairy Goat Association, the North Valley Dairy Goat Association, The Serama Council of North America and The Wild West Serama Club. We raise ADGA/AGS/NDGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We have a small farm and strive to keep our herd number small as we feel this is the way in which we can manage our farm responsibly with veterinary care and personal attention to each animal on our farm. We maintain a CAE/CL free herd and have testing done annually, by our veterinarian. We participate in linear appraisal and DHIR milk testing. We are very involved in 4H and open shows with our dogs, goats, and poultry. As we move forward breeding goats we hope to produce goats that better the breed not only in conformation but in milk production and temperament. We welcome you to come spend time with our goats before you purchase one to make sure that you feel confident with your purchase. In addition to our beautiful little herd of goats we also live with several laying hens, a pair of Call ducks, two Old English Bantam hens, a pair of Blue Cochin Bantams, a small flock of Serama, a pair of beautiful and sweet Royal Palm turkeys, a few wonderful cats, 3 dachshunds, a pair of red shouldered hawks that live in an ancient oak by our creek during mating season, seasonal blue herons, great horned owls, countless quail, woodpeckers, wood ducks, newts, the occaisional salamander, and dozens of lizards that constantly keep the outdoor bugs at bay.