Our Sales Policy

Sales Policy For Goats

You've probably heard the term, "one bad apple spoils the bunch," well it is true sometimes and it has caused us to change our sales policy. Please read the below agreement carefully. If you can not meet these requirements it may be in your best interest not to purchase a goat from us. These arrangements may seem harsh to you, but they have come about due to a few bad apples.
Our sales policy is to protect and ensure our expectations as well as yours.


If you would like to purchase a kid (already born) or an adult goat on this page, you must contact us, via email, and submit a
non-refundable deposit of $100.00 ($25.00 for wethers) within 7 days of our email confirmation of your intended purchase. If no deposit is received by us, within 7 days, your intent will be forfeit and the animal will not be held for you. Once we receive your deposit you have 30 days to pay for your goat(s) in full and to provide transportation from our farm unless we have agreed upon different terms with you. All charges must be paid in full before the goat(s) leave our farm. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will only hold an animal for 30 days without payment in full. After that time the animal will be offered for sale to others and you will forfeit any money paid. We reserve the right to cancel all sales and all money collected will be forfeit by you, if the animal(s) have not left our farm within 30 days of the initial deposit or if you back out of the sale for ANY reason. If you can not pay for and pick up your goat(s) within 30 days of your initial deposit then perhaps you should not be purchasing a goat at this time.

If you would like to reserve an unborn kid, please contact us, via email, and you will be put on a waiting list. Once the kid of your choice is born, we will contact you. If you are interested in the kid at that time, we expect a non-refundable deposit of $100 ($25.00 for wethers) within 7 days of your confirmation to hold your kid and full payment of the kid within 30 days. We will only hold baby goats for 30 days without payment in full. After that time the animal will be offered for sale to others and you will forfeit any money paid. Transportation arrangements must be made within six weeks of the receipt of your deposit. In most cases we wait until babies are weaned to release them to their new homes. However, if you are an experienced goat owner and would like to pick up your baby goat prior to it being weaned we may make an exception.

Paying your balance at pick-up ~ If you plan on paying the balance owed at the time you pick-up your goat(s), not prior to pick-up, you must pay with CASH. If you would rather pay with a check we need to receive your check 10 days prior to you picking up your goat(s) so your check will clear the bank. If your check has not cleared the bank by the day you intend to pick-up your goat(s) we will have to make other arrangements for you to pick-up your goat(s). We accept PayPal. If you choose to pay via PayPal the payment needs to be received by us before your goat(s) are picked up.

All animals must be paid for, in full, before leaving our farm. Absolutely NO Exceptions.

*Pricing of does bred to bucks ~ if a doe has been bred to a buck her price will remain as it is stated however once her pregnancy has been confirmed her price will go up $100.00. All does for sale, possibly bred, will remain for sale until two months prior to their kidding date. If not sold by that date they will be pulled off the market and may or may not go back on the market.

*Pricing of wethers is typically $50.00 each and 100% of their sale goes to the charity of your choice . Please click on the link above to see a list of charities or feel free to suggest one you are interested in. Wethers make wonderful pets. All of our wethers are vaccinated with CD & T, dewormed, dis-budded, humanely castrated and completely registerable with the American Goat Society.

*Pricing of doelings and bucklings is typically $300.00 to $400.00. However there are some pairings in which the price may be a bit higher or lower. Please check the kidding schedule for a list of current pricing with regard to individual pairings. All of our baby goats are vaccinated with CD & T, dewormed, tattooed, dis-budded, and completely registerable with the American Dairy Goat Association and the American Goat Society. Unless a goat is sold as "pet quality" we will provide you with all the paper work needed to fully register your baby goat(s).

We spend time with all of our babies to assure that they are friendly and completely easy to handle. Please feel free to contact us to make arrangements to come see the babies first hand. If you are serious about purchasing a goat from us please contact us, via email, and make sure to put the word "Neko" somewhere in your email.

Make sure you can agree to these arrangements BEFORE you commit to purchasing a goat.